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8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional House Cleaning Service

1. Saves Your Personal Time and Peace of Mind

Working full-time is a reason alone to strongly consider hiring a professional house cleaning service. One of the biggest advantages to hiring a professional house cleaning service is that you’re completely removing all cleaning tasks from your to-do list which has even more benefits than you may realize. Let professional cleaners that are fully equipped with everything to clean your home top-to-bottom to take care of the major time-consuming tasks of dusting, wiping, sanitizing, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, etc… and you’ll have much more time to do the things that matter the most to you. Along with having more valuable time back, you’ll also have a peace of mind since you won’t even need to worry about cleaning anymore, or the stress and anxiety that comes with a home that needs to be cleaned.

2. Set a Schedule That Works for You

A freshly cleaned home is great however, it’s only great if it stays that way. That’s why choosing a reliable cleaning service that offers regularly scheduled cleanings is the best way to keep your home cleaner than it’s ever been. At Maid In A Minute, we offer regularly scheduled cleanings with automated notification reminders so you’ll never forget or miss an upcoming appointment. When you book with us, a Maid In A Minute account will be created automatically for you where you can login through our website to view, edit, schedule, and manage any of your bookings with us any day, any time.

3. Get the Job Done to a Higher Standard

A truly clean home requires more effort than just occasionally picking up some clutter and vacuuming the floors when you feel up for it. When you hire a professional cleaning service, you’re hiring cleaning professionals who have the knowledge, experience, as well as the supplies and equipment to provide you with a full-home deep cleaning service that will leave your home spotless and germ free top-to-bottom. You’re not only saving yourself time, but your home will also be the cleanest it’s ever been!

4. Healthy Environment, Healthy Air, Healthy Living

Without exception, all homes experience buildup of dirt, dust, mold, and other kinds of buildup on all types of surfaces around the home. A lot of times, homeowners don’t realize the affects this buildup has on people living in the home with allergies or respiratory sensitive conditions which can affect their ability to breathe, sleep, and the overall quality of their day to day. Natural buildups like dust, mold, and airborne bacteria can even have serious affects if not taken care of. By hiring a professional cleaning service to complete regular detailed cleans on your home, you will improve the current environment in your home and prevent it from building up again, keeping your home a healthy environment.

5. Home will always be ready to impress guests

Whether it’s your family, friends, colleagues, or clients visiting, you want your home to be presentable. We’ve all had moments of panic-scrambling last minute to tidy up for the guests, and the sweat, stress, and headache that often comes with that effort. Save yourself the sweat, stress, and time, and make the best impression possible by booking yourself a thorough standard cleaning or deep cleaning service a day or two before your guests arrive.  Both you and your guests will be impressed and get to relax and enjoy your new freshly cleaned home.

6. Spend Less on Repairs

Natural buildup of dust, bacteria, mold, hard stains, etc. are impossible to avoid and they occur from you just living and using the day-to-day things inside your home. When buildups occur and are neglected over some time, this can cause damage to appliances, drains, bathtubs, sinks, and other surfaces. For example, damage in drains can be caused when buildup of soap, hair, toothpaste, and other common debris occurs over time in the bathtub or sink and then that buildup gets washed down with frequent use causing hard clogs in plumbing that can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive to fix. By performing frequent, detailed cleanings on your home you will save money and headache in the long run by avoiding repairs and replacements on your surfaces, drains, and appliances. 

7. Benefit from Useful Extra Services

Beyond cleaning your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and other living spaces. Professional cleaning companies typically offer additional services that will take care of the cleaning tasks nobody wants to do, like scrubbing down the inside of a dirty oven, fridge, baseboards, and other areas that require you to get down and dirty and need a lot of elbow grease. Here at Maid In A Minute, we offer various extra services as add-on’s that you may select to add to your base cleaning service as you please.

8. Reduce the Risk of Pest Infestations

Not everybody wants to talk about it, but pest infestation is much more common than many believe. When a home begins to get dirty and the floors and countertops are neglected, this is when little crumbs and bacteria buildup and home environments become perfect for pests to live and procreate in. Once pests enter your home they will multiply if the environment is not immediately cleaned completely. Some pests even feed off various types of materials such as clothes, curtains, carpets, and rugs.  So, it’s important to make sure your countertops, floors, and all the hard-to-get spots in between are well kept avoiding the start of a problem that nobody wants to deal with.

Final Verdict

While we only listed 8 key reasons to hire a professional house cleaning service, there are many more reasons to do so. Whether you just don’t like cleaning and it’s a boring chore to you making it difficult to do it consistently, or even if you work full-time and are just too busy and you value your personal time. Whatever the reason is the benefits relatively remain the same. By hiring a reputable, professional house cleaning company for regularly scheduled cleanings you’ll have more time to spend doing things that are most important to you. You’ll free up your headspace and to-do list by giving yourself a peace of mind since you’ll never have to worry about the hard work that comes with cleaning your home by yourself again, and the personal time that it consumes. Your home will always be pristine and presentable for you, your family, and guests. You’ll maintain a healthier home to live in for you and your family (pets included), one that is minimal or free of allergens contained in dirt, dust, and other types of buildup.

If you are located in the Antelope Valley area and have any questions about home cleaning services, you’re more than welcome to give us a call for more information at (661) 405-4840. We’re a locally owned and operated cleaning service in Lancaster so our main goal is to sincerely serve the Antelope Valley community in any way possible, so feel free to give us a ring and say hi! You may also get an instant quote for cleaning services by visiting our booking page, where you will also have the option to schedule, confirm your booking, and checkout online.

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